Friday, December 11, 2009

Snow on Omaha trails

I'm not sure if this is the right place to send stuff but I figure if enough of us send something then it will get to the right people.

Follow the link and submit your request for snow to be removed from our trails.


EB said...

This is the right place, thanks MOD
Lets make our voices heard.

AOJules said...

We'll make sure we bring this up at the bike/ped advisory committee meeting next week, too.

theunicycleguy said...

I would suggest making a call to the Mayor's Hotline at

Telephone (402) 444-5555 (Voice)
(402) 996-8490 (TTY / TDD)


Fax (402) 444-7963

Mail The Mayor's Hotline
Civic Center - Suite 304
1819 Farnam St
Omaha NE 68183-0304

But here's the thing about reporting a sidewalk that has not been cleared...The process to get a crew out there is just as tough as riding through the snow.

When you complain to Jim Scuttle, here's what'll happen...The city sends a certified letter, return receipt requested, to the sidewalk owner. The owner has 10 business days to respond. When a response has not been received, the city sends someone out to the offending sidewalk to take a picture of the property, that'll take another two business days. The city then sends a crew of three men with the picture in hand to the site to clear the snow (one guy unloads the shovel/snowblower, one guy scoops, the other guy supervises). That will take another two or three business days. The city then takes a picture of the cleared sidewalk and then has another person send the property owner a bill, two more days.

Yea, you can call it into the Mayor's Hotline or the Public Works Office, but im pretty sure it'll be July before the sidewalk is cleared. I guess the only real way to get noticed is to stand up, raise your voice, and be heard. Deliver your complaint in person to Mr. Scuttle and his brain trust.

Good Luck, Mr. Phelps.