Monday, July 13, 2009

Keystone Trail Robbery

WOWT reports that at 2:30am, Friday, July 10, an Omaha man was beaten and robbed while cycling on the Keystone Trail near 68th and Q.

Personally, I wouldn't ride any trail during these hours (technically, these trails are operated as "parks" and are subject to hours of operation), but would rather ride the streets. With street riding, there are more eyes out, plus a cyclist has more opportunities for escape routes should the situation turn foul.

Just remember, if you are riding the streets at night, you need lights to see by, and more importantly, to be seen by. It's also the law in Nebraska to have a forward facing white light if you ride at night.

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Steve said...

What a bummer. Today I heard that I cyclist was jumped in Dundee a few nights ago. It happened around midnight. Be careful out there you all.

Bemis Press said...

Yeah - I was the jumped cyclist in Dundee. I agree with the lights - but lights won't keep scum from jumping you and knocking the life out of you! We shouldn't have to worry about being mugged in Dundee no matter what time it is, lights or no lights. Watch yourselves out there....the scum has arrived to midtown.

Scott Redd said...

BP: That stinks. I hope you weren't hurt.

Did you have any idea what was up? What would you do different now if the same situation presented itself? Maybe there wasn't anything you could do.

Bemis Press said...

Scott- Black eye, bruised ribs, They came out of nowhere.... A car showed up and chased them away. Not much I could do - they dropped me off my bike within seconds. They wanted my backpack.