Sunday, March 29, 2009

Bike Omaha Logo Leaked

Maybe the subject line is a little titillating. I really have no idea if the logo has been shown before or if it's ever been a "secret."

Last week I attended the Sierra Club's monthly meeting where the topic was Bicycling as Commuting. You can read my write up here.

Here's the logo that Marty Shukert showed during his presentation. "Bike Omaha" is the name tentatively given to the 20-mile, on-street bikeway system to serve as sanctioned bike routes servicing downtown, midtown, and areas north and south of the core of Omaha, east of 72nd Street.

Here is a link to a google map that I made several months ago showing the planned routes at that time.


Sean said...

Very Nice.

RD said...

heck yes I get bike lane almost by house sweetness... good job as always scott

Douglas said...

Very nice Scott. Very nice.

The Lucas said...

Looks good as the other goobers said. My only bite is that it would seem these routes avoid streets that would seem the most logical for efficiency(I also understand there is a ton of logic doing into the ones that were picked, and I agree with all of them). I know there is a heavy underlying idea of safety, but when visiting other cities, it's pretty easy to see that they don't avoid "busy roads" for the sake of a bicycle. Routes run with main traffic, routes run in straight paths.
It would still seem like the bicycle is still something people are seeing as a novelty and trying to make the city look friendlier by petting it and taking it for short little walks to impress their friends.

Over all though, this is a great start and I am excited to see this happen and what it will breed. Props man. *** I have yet to get my coffee for today, so I may be a little grumpy.