Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Friday pedal, ponder and partake.

This Friday is the final downtown Masterplan public presentation, which is being held at the downtown library located at 215 S. 15th Street between Noon and 2pm. A few have mentioned wanting to attend and maybe ride afterwords. When ever I pedal around downtown I get a hankering for adult beverages, so if anyone is willing we can partake in a pint or two following our comfortable and conversational urban ride. I'm open to meeting places and urban routes, so perhaps someone (eb) can be the chief. I'll be riding skinny tires with limited gears (1).
What say you?


EB said...

Douglas & Pedal Omaha Gang:

I'll play the role of "tour guide" Friday Post DT Planning.

Following the Ride Refreshments will be available @ the House on Paper St.

(you know where its at...hint 114)

So if you can bust away from work join us
Will post additional info tomorrow.

The Douglas said...

If we end at your casa, purhaps I can meet you there prior to the meeting? Purhaps? Maybe a stop at Beertopia prior to the finish line?

EB said...

I Dig The Way You Use That Noggin.

Sounds Spectacular!

RD said...

I'm out fish fry Friday's you fellas have fun. I will be riding bellevue blvd Saturday morning though.

Scott Redd said...

I'm in. At least for the DT planning presentation and the ride. Partaking of post-ride refreshments will depend on timing.

The Douglas said...

Keep in mind the refreshments are of choice and don't have to be adult in nature. Beertopia sells non-alco bevs....I think.'s the conversations that take precedent.

Looking forward to checking out your new whip tomorrow.

Scott Redd said...

That's cool, The Douglas. I've been known to indulge in the imbibing of adult beverages from time to time. And the refrigerator always has a little something in it... you know, for medicinal purposes. :)

Don't expect too much on the Schwinn. A spit shine and new rubber is the most of what I've done to it. I would appreciate a seasoned eye or two on the frame, however.

See you all at the W. Dale Clark library around 12 noon tomorrow.

The Douglas said...

EB & Scott:
I'm out for tomorrow. What WAS my day off has now become a mandatory "fill in" for another employee. Staffing minimums. Bleh. I've got a call in to a co-worker to hopefully cover for me, but for now consider me out unless you hear otherwise. Not happy...but so goes life in the employment world. I shouldn't bitch.

EB said...

Mr Redd: Give me a call if You would like to meet up & and Pedal post meeting.

Scott Redd said...

EB and anyone else: I will be at the planning meeting, and would like to ride after it, whether it's me all by myself, or as part of a group.

I'll be the one with the helmet and funny pants, and if I'm lucky, a brand new Chrome bag.

Scott Redd said...

Hey Douglas:

For sure... in today's times, you want to keep that job. Otherwise you have to sell all of your cool bikes and then get one with a basket so you can cruise around collecting aluminum cans.

With any luck, you'll get a reprieve from your boss and enjoy a Friday afternoon off.