Monday, March 9, 2009

Good Stuff to Chew on!

Read It!

Ride It!


The Douglas said...

Sweet and sweet.
However....$600 to sponsor a bike rack? Do you think this might eliminate some businesses from getting a rack? I couldn't imagine these things costing more than $50 to $100, unless it's the artists additions that are making them so expensive.

Tough times and people are pinching pennies. I'd volunteer to install them for free if we could buy the racks at cost.

Scott Redd said...

I signed up a UP team for the YP Bus Challenge with the amazingly cheesy name of "The UP Hi-Railers." A "hi-railer" is an auto, usually a truck, that can ride on the rails, in addition to the streets.

I admit to stacking the team with daily bus riders. I normally ride the the bus only once a week, but as this is a challenge, I will try to ride the bus (with my bike in tow) every day... maybe even multiple times.

See you at the finish line!