Thursday, March 5, 2009

Dirty Good Weather

You should see the other guy.


erik said...

fenders are pretty sweet.

Scott Redd said...

Yeah... the weather's awesome today! I've seen many people out cycling downtown: men, women, young, old.

Each Thursday I leave work early to pick up my daughter and take her to a drama lesson and then come back to work in my truck.

Over the winter I've been racking the bike on the bus to avoid changing clothes and sweating. Today I rode home at a slow, leisurely, non-sweat producing pace. It only took me 10 minutes more over the five mile ride, and about the same time as riding the bus.

It was pretty cool riding in my office clothes and shoes (yay, hybrid pedals!). I pretended I was in Portland or New York City. :) (The fenders really helped me out in this case, too)

The Lucas said...

I can't mount fenders to my racing bike... plus, it gives me an excuse to clean it to show room standards.

It's part of the game.

Took a nice heavy spill today too. Smashed my leg up all nicely, but I quickly rode it off. Wet, oiled corners are slippery. Falling: It's a nice way to remember you are alive.

The days like this are pretty sweet... and they are only gonna get better to the point that we wish it was colder. Oh boy!

erik said...

p clamps are your friend for bikes without brazeons.

but I like to get dirty too. I just wish I didn't feel the need to keep my bikes so clean, and the road salt getting into components bugs the hell out of me.

well done.