Thursday, March 19, 2009

Giving Omaha A Back Bone.

Just found This, looks like GREAT things are gonna happen.

See Y'all at the Meeting. Casual Conversation/Vision Ride to Follow.



EB said...

Erik J. has a voice.

erik said...

it was so easy, i couldn't resist.

Biker Bob said...

Thanks for the link. I've been listening to the live coverage.

Sounds like they want some input from you downtown commuters on how to get from A to B.

Scott Redd said...

After spending the afternoon at the meeting and talking with EB at the Blue Line about cycling and progressive Omaha issues, I wanted to experience it more. At the meeting EB introduced me to Steve and Dale. I was still pumped up about an exiting downtown Omaha scene last night so I took the family down to NoDo and the Old Market.

I couldn't talk them into seeing Rosemary's Baby at Filmstreams, so we browsed American Apparel (which appears to be a cool place for vintage tube socks if you happen to ride a 1970s ten speed) and did some shopping at Urban Outfitters.

The Old Market was winding down at 9pm (grr) so we ended up taking a carriage ride around the Old Market.

In all, a fun evening, and nice way to wide down the excitement of participating in planning downtown's future.

Everybody be sure to comment on the planning web site. The operators will likely be summarizing the comments and presenting them to HDR for the final report to the city.

While in NoDo, I think I might have seen Erik's bikes outside Blue Line (his and Emily's). Was that you, Erik?

erik said...

that was us, indeed, next time stop in--the blueline is pretty much our go-to in omaha.

today's a great day to be on a bicycle, so off i go.

here's to eric's soulcraft racing excursion being all that (et al. -- but steel guys, come on).


Biker Bob said...

I stopped at the blueline after my ride today. Had a smoothie. Yummy!

Scott Redd said...

My wife and I drove to Blue Line for sandwiches and soup this evening, plus a tasty oatmeal stout. The food was good, as well as the atmosphere.

EB bombed in on his bike, so I had the opportunity to introduce him to Roxanne and vice versa. We'll have to pedal in sometime.

We did pedal to Blue Planet for an oatmeal breakfast. Yes, it was a great day to cycle.

Steve said...

That's right. Keep supporting the ol' BLC!

erik said...

Ride the blue lion to zion.