Saturday, January 17, 2009

Apartment Fever

Due to the recent cold weather conditions, some of us have resorted to indoor riding, but instead of busting out the stationary trainer, or the cadence smoothing rollers, why not embark on a new adventure of pedaling fury. 

You will probably be called crazy, but the carpet thrashing is really a lot of fun and it will sharpen the hell out of your bike handling skills. I think we should get an underground circuit thru everyone's apartments, houses, caves and bordellos. Drink beer, and paint the town red. 

Clean bikes are a must -- especially if you are married to partners without penises. Or partners with... there's nothing wrong with that!


Cornbread said...

Missed you today man. Maybe next week? Hope all is well.

EB said...

Yeah, everything is great, just had to take care of some stuff here in Omaha.

erik said...

I want some EB action too! Do you have any weekdays open?

splendid said...

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