Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Guilty Pleasure

Growing up everyone has Heroes, whether it's your Parents, a Dog or Cat, or perhaps even a Police Officer. In my case it was MJ. Yeah, I think a lot of people liked Sir Air-Dunk. 
I recall going to my neighbor Caleb's house & trying to shoot hoops in his Driveway turned Ball court,with the older kids from my NorthWest Omaha 'Hood. Most of the time I would end up watching, wishing I was Tall or Big. I could have used the height becuz my game was not what you'd call pretty.
Anywho, ( I totally jacked that phrase from Munson, thanks by the way)I loved the NBA and watching the Bulls of old with Pipp, Kukoc, Rodman, Harper and good Ol' Fire Crotch as Caleb liked to call him.

My neighbor and I watched games together and dreamt of every kids dream, being a professional athlete. And while I'm not in the NBA,(yet) I think I'm doing pretty well just Pedaling, and striving for others to turn the cranks instead of the keys.


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Andrew Chasteen Photography said...

MJ was the best to ever play. I'll never forget, every Sunday afternoon I'd settle in the living room to watch him play on the tube.