Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Pedal Oklahoma City

I got a problem.
I'm siked about what is going on in Omaha. I'm psyched that efforts are being made to get out and stroke the cranks. I'm psyked that EB is syked.

You may ask "then what is your problem?".

Problem = I live in Oklahoma City.

I'm still trying to figure out if this place either has a weak cycling community, or a stellar underground gang unit that crushes everyday in a secret "fight club" sort of way and I've been excluded from it. The single speed revolution (no pun intended) has yet to fully snag The Big Town by the balls, other than a crew of skinny jean pimple pinchers cruising the downtown kicking in car doors at midnight. And the club rides are 15 mph conversation pieces where you go to show off your new carbon wheels.

So what should I do? I joined Pedal Omaha. Lucassclown and EB, and both are sexy bitches. So I figure they don't hang out with douche bags. Get in!

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EB said...

you get it, does anyone else?