Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Pedal (Omaha err Oklahoma) err New Jersey

15 days back home in Omaha did my soul right. I saw old friends, rode new bikes, and realized once again that Omaha is the place to be. After high school I moved to Oklahoma to go to college. As of now I live in New Jersey, been here about three years now. For those of you coming to this site from Omaha: take advantage of the great people and places to ride in the area. Be part of a unique culture…turn the cranks and help make omaha a better cycling town than it already is.

Secondly, my new steed comes in the mail tomorrow. More info here

Thirdly: live in omaha? used to live in omaha? want to live in omaha? Into riding? Then send eric an email so you can post to this blog too.

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EB said...

Yeah J.diddy
Work it
where's your blog?