Thursday, January 15, 2009


Well it looks like the cold wave will be over this weekend. I'm sure everyone will be scrambling to go and try to get more riding in after the brutal and cold week. Monday is a federal holiday there are some people( including me ...yes) that have day off from work or school. With temps in 40's on Monday i figured hey let go and ride.
Here the scoop for the Monday festivities
  • Meet at 8:30 am @ Blue Line Downtown (coffee talk) leave around 9 am
  • Hit up the trails on IA side as proposed by map
  • Comeback through Bellevue bridge
  • Go and get some food in south Omaha
Things of note:
  • Dress appropriately
  • Bring enough food/water
  • Equipment to fix a flat
  • Bring some cash you will need it to cross the Bellevue bridge (50 cent)
  • This route is combination of gravel/pavement/trails/road
If are interested please let me know by calling me or leaving a comment on the blog. As promised here is the map of the route. Route and duration are subject to change....


EB said...

yeah yeah

2sean9er said...

The map isn't working but I would be game.

RD said...

sometimes goes down in case you really want to look at the

2sean9er said...

Work always gets in the way of me having fun!! Sorry, won't be able to make it.

erik said...

it looks like i'm to shoot a time-lapse all day monday, so I'll be standing next to a tripod while you're all out and about. looks like a solid route, let us know if you repeat or reschedule.

cheers, erik.

EB said...

Perhaps Perhaps?

RD said...

I'll ride it just to see how it goes. we might have to repeated for sure...

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