Friday, January 16, 2009

Swobo Hello

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JPF said...

props my man. way to go. nice photo and nice email, omaha is proud. said...

Very nice EB. Siked about that.

I too cried when watching the lion video on the Swobo blog.

Steve said...

I got this strange crazy grinning face from the Whitney/lion video. Then I saw your ugly mug, and the stony regular face came back. Props.

The Lucas said...

So I watched the lion video after reading all this pussy shit you guys wrote... and then I got teary eyed and hugged my cat... then went back to his normal training:

I can now leave him in the microwave for 18 seconds before I think his eyes are gonna explode. THEY GROW UP SO FAST.

Thanks Whitney Houston! I, like the Postman, would take a bullet for you fine black behind.

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