Monday, January 12, 2009

Movie Monday Sans Motor

You've all  heard  chitter and chatter(I don't think those are real words but I like em) regarding Monday and how it's that dreaded day where the alarm  keeps buzzing or the song keeps repeating. Anywho, I often hear these quot ables run through my mind "Just another Manic Monday", or "Sounds like a case of the Mondays".

So in the spirit of Monday and all of it's mundane-ness, I offer Movie Monday sans motor.
As many of you know I freaking love Film Streams, and enjoy seeing flicks multiple times a week. They are now offering free admission to the film of your choice every Monday for UNO students.
Just whip-out that MavCard and  poof, its free. So anyone wishing to Pedal on down for a show can meet me at 35th St. just north of Dodge. (HintHint:Look for lights that blink)

Ah yes the meeting time is 6:12 p.m.
Be sure to wear helmets &  friends that flash
Show starts at 6:45 or This at 7:00 p.m.
You decide what you would like to see.


munsoned said...

Slumdog is a great movie. Wish I could be there. Have a great time and don't get blown over by those possible 40 mph gusts of wind after the movie's done!

erik said...
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EB said...

Whoa, it's White!

Movie Monday still a go- said...

How was it?

EB said...

Movie was good, boredom struck at times but overall I dug it-
Pedaling home blew, literally.

Wish I would have stopped for an apple fritter

EB said...

oh yeah, good thing weather was all blustery.
Edit im stupid and film streams only offers free movies to uno students on the first monday of each month.

O wel ya live ya learn then ya get luvs