Friday, January 23, 2009

The Weekender/Frame Worthy Friday

Kona Sleepless in the Saddle 24 hr Granby Colorado 2005

We made it one more week, and I'm glad I can safely secure it beneath my belt and be done with it. So in the spirit of Festivus and all things Great, I offer up a weekend of Fun-N-Games, Mischief, Hi jinks and healthy spoonful of Hearty Eats.

If you're feeling lucky, then head on over to Bikemasters for their 12 hours of Troy. Dave gets pretty stoked for the indoor spin by including some of his personal favorite flicks. And you Do Not have to ride the entire 12 hours, just come and do whatever fits within your busy Saturday.
-Oh yeah it starts at 6am-

Don't even try to get tickets for Fortnight's show tomorrow at the Slowdown, because yep they're sold out. A band with another name for Fancy Manuscript is also playing with them. I have never heard of them though. So with that said I just may leave after Fortnight's set is complete.

Oh one more thing, this is why you deliver on a Bicycle.


RD said...

i'll buy you a beer to stay for cursive it can be either one of the better or worse shows you'll ever see... I don't know which one

EB said...

I know.
I was just being silly

Cornbread said...

Once the weather gets a little warmer the Omaha and Lincoln crews should meet halfway at the Round the Bend steakhouse in South Bend for some lunch. It'd be a good day on the bike for both groups.

EB said...

Will you bring the cornbread Cornbread?

Cornbread said...

You know it!