Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Dundee Streetscape Redesign

Hello there everyone. There's an opportunity coming up for for us to advocate for better bicycle infrastructure right in Dundee. Apparently the neighborhood association is thinking about freshening up the feel of the area and is looking for public input. As many of us as possible should show up to push for bicycle-friendly additions (e.g. more bike racks, "share the road" signs, etc.).

Marty Shukert will be one of the leaders of the event. For those of you who don't know, Marty has been doing quite a bit of work through his design firm (RDG Planning and Design) and Activate Omaha (he's on the Bicycle/Pedestrian Advisory Committee) to design east/west bike routes throughout Omaha. He's also a cyclist himself, so he should be able to offer a friendly ear.

The brainstorming sessions are at Dundee Presbyterian Church (located at Happy Hollow and Underwood) and will be occuring at the following times:

Thursday, January 29th, 10am - 7:30 pm
Friday, January 30th, 9:30am - 5:30pm

This should be a pretty informal event. You can drop in for just a minute or two, or you can stick around for a few hours. The most important thing is that a bunch of us actually stop in and tell them what we want.


EB said...

Go Marty Go Marty Go

RD said...

I will stop by even tough i don't live in dundee.

erik said...

this is an important event.

EB said...

Yes, But they know what they're doing. These folks are architects, city planners,and well then there is Marty, who is kind of a little bit of everything.

The point is this- We need to be thinking about how to change OMAHA.
Dundee is a good start, but what do they really need to add? They are already planning to have an artistic bike rack and it's purdy pedal friendly as it is.

What we need is a Pedal gathering to go over ideas and how to implement them.

How about Saturday 11ish. NoDo Blue Line.

erik said...

i'll do my best to be there!

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