Tuesday, January 20, 2009

MLK Ride Crashed by Mr. Freeze

Monday morning. Early. Blue Line. Rafal's MLK loop was shortened due to my improper foot covering and cold temps, yet it was highly enjoyable and worthy of a small visit from the blue toes and frosty giblets. What a motley crew our dynamic made. 

A 40 mile(?) loop through the quaint streets of Bellevue, across the toll-bridge (thanks for picking up the tab EB) then back up across a few miles long rock garden of freshly laid large-chunk gravel rock, then connecting to the trails system hooking back up to the ped bridge. 

All-round sentiments of satisfaction for the ride were felt and life goes on. There are a few photos from the venture at the end of the gallery listed below.

On Sunday, I borrowed EB's La Cruz for a 65 mile venture back from relatives in David City. It was a stellar ride with 45 miles of it being rolling gravel roads. The bike is awesome. There's nothing like being in control on gravel going 35+ mph. I averaged 20 for the ride, and it was a breeze of an epic ride. I felt untouchable. 

~ A funny note on the image gallery. People take pictures of their bikes when they go on journeys such as this. Do endurance runners take their shoes off and take pictures of them when they hit up epic runs? How about swimmers? It's kinda a funny thing, but that is kinda what makes a bike special. You can take pictures of the bicycle on trips like it is you -- a part of you, detached only for the moment before you mount again and pedal on. The passion of gear, hardware, rubber, metal, and pedal runs deep my friends. 

EB, I didn't find anywhere for Mr. Freeze to fit in, so I just threw him in on the bottom.


EB said...

Uh shouldn't that watermark say 2009?

RD said...

it was good time minus the wind... stayed tuned for future rides... in warmer climate

The Douglas said...

Sorry I puss'ed out fella's. Looks like you guys had a good ride (great images Lucas). Just coming of knee surgery and the 60+ miles scared me. Excuses...I know.
Next time?

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