Thursday, January 15, 2009


Who would be up for a big ride sometime this summer? Last year I went out with some friends and rode the Triple Bypass in Colorado which is a great event. Unfortunately the registration is full for 2009.

I know there are some other good, tough rides out there that would be good times. Enchanted Circle in New Mexico, the California Death Ride, and I'm sure there are many others. It'd probably be a cool time to take a long weekend and head west this summer to ride in the mountains on an organized ride or something.

Any other ideas out there?


EB said...

Umm yeah, or a Hooter-riffic Ragbrai

JPF said...

i would be game for heading to colorado to ride. ragbrai would also be a possibility, although not as challenging as i would like. july would work best, or august.

The Lucas said...

How about this morning's -15 degree ride to 84th and Dodge. Only about 5 miles, but it was epic. I would have liked to see some hooters tho.

EB, I had some sweet magnolia for you, but it got eaten by a polar bear. There was no eye candy working, I was disappointed.

EB said...

lets do something on our own
meaning not already established

EB said...

Lucas, EAT SH**.

The Lucas said...

Eric Eat Sh!t Racing? I eat pieces of shit like you for breakfast... when not eating Sweet Magnolia.

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