Friday, January 30, 2009

The Offer You Can't Refuse.

This weekend, A pedal excursion is in the works. For many of you out there pedaling pleasure will be had, be it on the pavement, gravel or perhaps your kitchen. Awesome! It's gonna be stellar outside and cycles will be out in droves.

But for our little gang of rag-tag individuals (and hopefully some new faces) The plan still stands Stan. Meet 11am-ish. Downtown Blue Line. Pedal Excursion to Follow. At a nice Chatty-Cathy pace, with sudden bursts of glory because people that commute can be Freaky-Fast as well. And yes, that is a shout out to you Roadies who I'm sure are eager to hit the pavement after all the sweat that has been poured out on top tubes with miles spent in the basement to the tune of old Giro's or the morning traffic report with Jim Siedlicki. 
*Hint Sarcasm.Hint Sarcasm.Hint Sarcasm.*

If you are wise cracker and  enjoy waking up early and stuffing your face with food like most of the general population. Then I cordially invite you over to my humble abode for some hearty eats of the breakfast persuasion. It will most likely be eggs,toast,salted butter,and hash browns. But who knows it could also include hot cross buns or Steel Cut Oats, ( yes I'm talking to you Brady of Steel) so you don't really wanna miss this.

It all goes down at the House on Paper Street.
114 N. 35th St. 9am-ish-

Dundee Street Scape Meeting. All the magic happens today at 3 pm.


Anonymous said...

as info, i would not tell people my address and then publish the fact that i will not be at my house for a few hours...especially considering where you live.

EB said...
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The Douglas said...

I think anonymous just warned you of a potential burgle. Maybe a booby-trap is in order.
Anyway...I may not make it for b-fast, but I'll be riding past your casa en route to Blue Line. Perhaps I try and time it hook up with you and others on the way. I'll try and time my arrival around 10:15'ish. If you're gone, I'll see you at Blue Line.
I'm saving my coffee consumption until I get there, so I may be grumpier than normal.

EB said...

Anonymous: I appreciate your Motherly concern, However I'm a big boy and I'm well aware of the text I print on this page. In concern with my House, well to be brutally Brunt (and no, I don't mean Blunt) with ya- I Love my neighborhood.I know it quite well actually.

With that said, I've had close calls with some folks in my hop-scotching round this neck of the woods. I've been tackled off my bike and forced into a street fight, I've been chased, heckled..............

But, I genuinely value your words whether you mean them or not, and really appreciate & chuckle about the nature of this odd comment.

Have a good day!

RD said...

well i was told not to show up empty handed to someone's house so i'll brings something just have some bread handy oh yeah...
see you tommorow

EB said...

Thanks my mustachioed friend.

The Douglas said...

I'll bring my nunchucks.
Sounds like you live in a rough neighborhood EB. [sarc]

Biker Bob said...

Checking with Munson to see if he wants to join the adventure. I'll be pedaling to the blue line or to BM. Either way, I'll be turning the cranks instead of the keys this Saturday. ;-)

munsoned said...

I think I'll be bringing some of the munsoned conglomerate with me. Eric, I also plan on joining you for breakfast. Do I need to bring anything? Extra eggs? Extra ham? Another skillet?

EB said...

Munson; Just come. But if you feel the need to showcase your cooking and or baking prowess please enlighten us all.

Boy Oh Boy am I super duper stoked that we can pedal together!!!!!!

Thanks so much!

And I can't wait to make a shabbos with the crew!

brady said...

I'm enjoying the attitude on Pedal-Omaha, EB. You had me at Steel-Cut oats. And speaking of pinhead oats and pedaling to the blue line or to BM... I, BM, BM before pedaling. How's your house's plumbing anyway? You got a good plunger?! Anyhow, I likely won't be joining use guys for breakfast.

In fact, unless I rearrange my schedule, I may not be joining at all. Don't count me out. I'll check in again later tonight.

Steve said...

I've got the GRE Monday morning, so I'm out with a case of the studying.

2sean9er said...

I'll try to make there for breakfeast. I'm so stoked for this ride. I think that my body is going to hate me on Sunday but it's all worth it and I'm not planning on doing anyhting except for watching the game and drinking some beers.

erik said...

I rode to mineola today (and also got lost). So here is a trail condition report for all of you.

Still wet and snowy and rutted out. Especially the wabash, it wasn't very fantastic but it improved over time.

I was happy to have studs only once and awhile, and I think you'd be fine on cross tires. Studs did come in handy however, when I rode across lake Manawa.

It's rideable on slicks, rockable with skinny knobbies, slow with studs. I'd ride it on 28mm ruffy tuffys given fixed gear to feel it out.

I might not make it tomorrow, I have another date that was set earlier on and will try to adjust. But there's the news.


erik said...

p.s. eric brunt:

look at what this fellow did to their la cruz w/ 650B.

not sure what the use is since you have a KM, but figured you'd enjoy it (and perhaps it'll begin to convert you to the land of 650B loser-dom).

brady said...

I'll be there

The Lucas said...

Thanks for the trail update. Makes me wonder whether riding the 'bash is really worth it.

You rode across Manawa? All of it? That is super awesome. I don't think I quite gave the guts to do it, but it sounds killer fun. May just have to gander at it tomorrow!

Oh boy. Oh boy. Oh boy. Oh boy. Oh boy. Oh boy. Oh boy. Oh boy. Oh boy. Oh boy. Oh boy. Oh boy. Oh boy. Oh boy.

Anonymous said...

I hope to catch EB in the act of changing then trap him with my boobies.

- Attractive Cat Burglar

erik said...

lucas: they had an ice fishing competition, and had subsequently roped off the thin ice sections. so it was pretty safe, at least by most considerations!


erik said...

55 degrees, and i woke up late.

i'll head out, maybe we'll run into each other. hope the day went well.