Tuesday, January 13, 2009

snow jealousy + new steed

Weather report from Oklahoma City = no snow = much more boring riding that you Nebraskans are having. Oddly enough, I'm jealous.

Lucassclown and EB have already snuck a peek, but I figured I'd post a snap shot of my new two-wheeled vehicle. Salivate.


EB said...

oh boy

JPF said...


Biker Bob said...

32C studded snow tires and some fenders would spruce that up a bit.

Can you mount racks on that bad boy?

You might want to swap out that seat post so you can hook a trail-a-bike to it.

;-)... grats on the new ride. I like.

The Lucas said...

Bob's ideas of sprucing kinda make me throw up a little... but I think I'd really like to see that that 'commutered' out. Then I'd have to punch your face in for touching the thing with your dirty hands.
Not exactly your winter warrior unless you live in San Diego.

www.andrewchasteen.com said...

I live in Oklahoma City. I don't exactly need a winter warrior, bastard Lucass-clown.
We've not gotten even a flurry of snow this year.


Hot Carling Academy

EB said...

ha ha ha hahaha

Biker Bob said...

You think that is a sweet ride. Check out the ride Bike Snob NYC found. Now THIS is a sweet ride.

Biker Bob said...

^ sarcasm.

www.andrewchasteen.com said...

Very interesting set up there, huh?

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