Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Sweaty Mess after 3 mile commute

Somehow, even in 2 degree weather, with a 15mph head/cross wind, I got sweaty while riding into work today.  How is that possible you ask?  Head to toe, I was wearing:
3M Thinsulate gloves
bike shorts
leg warmers
Mountain Hardware knickers
Smarwool socks over lightweight cycling socks
cycling shoes.

And that's it.  I've commented before that the Voler longsleeve thermal jacket is the warmest piece of clothing I own.  I can layer down with 4 different wool shirts and not be as warm as I am in this jacket.  

The best part about the commute today was a block from work, a guy walking along the sidewalk stopped dead in his tracks, covers his eyes from the sun while barely peering out of a heavy hooded jacket and asks happily as I ride by, "Nice day for a ride, huh?"  

I do concur, sir.  I do concur.


EB said...



Scott Redd said...

Way to go, Munson.

I'm real skittish about reducing layers in this extreme cold, so I tend to arrive at work/home very damp.

That Voler jacket looks pretty nice. maybe next year...

For me today, and probably the same for tomorrow's extreme cold, it was:

full balaclava over mouth
second balaclava over head and ears
taped up helmet
goggles (used at 10 degrees or lower, or extreme wind)
long sleeved baselayer top
short sleeve tech fabric shirt
second long sleeved baselayer top
second short sleeve tech shirt
long sleeve tech shirt
second long sleeve tech shirt
zip up long sleeve jersey
glove liners with Hot Hands pack
lobster gloves
AmFIB tights
baselayer tights on top of AmFIBs
Smartwool socks with Hot Hands on top of toes
wool blend hiking socks
regular sneakers

Above 10 degrees, I shed a long sleeve tech shirt, second socks, Hot Hands packs, and goggles.

The winter riding is fun, and challenging, but I look forward to the warm summer days when I don't need a second bag just to lug my clothes up to my desk. said...

Hey boys,

Today's commute attire:
Patagonia thin softshell

But much less exciting than you all's commute I'm sure. Again, I truly am jealous of you guys.

EB said...

Fat A** Andy

munsoned said...

Scott, my commute is very short compared to yours, so I completely understand the extra layers. I should try to do a "fun" ride in single digits with about the same clothing as posted. I would definitely add shoe covers and chem toe warmers, and maybe my amfib tights under the knicker, but otherwise, it'd the same. And I agree about wanting summer back. It looks like next week is going to feel like summer though. 40s and possibly 50s?!? That will feel amazing.

Andy, we haven't met, but trust me, there's no need to be jealous of our temps. The extra extra clothing, the salt from the roads eating away at your drivetrain, the frozen tears stuck to your get the idea. It's different, yes, but different is not always good.

Scott Redd said...

Yeah, Andy... the grass is always greener on the other side of the bike path. :)

I could go for a mild Winter, for sure, but at the same time, I am enjoying what Mother Nature is throwing at us.

I wonder if, come Spring, I will have benefited from the harder Winter riding. I may be ready to try some longer fun rides, ride faster, etc., all after fighting the resistance of the snow, ice, studded tires, extra pounds of clothing, etc.

erik said...

I'm actually pretty bummed about 40 degree weather, because that'll be too warm for the lake boots I've been loving this winter.

Time to get the sidi's out, which are fine, but invariably I'll need to readjust.

Though next week will bring the debut of the quickbeam and my new wheel--hopefully this monday on gravel eric and rd? I'm game, at this point anyway. There will probably be a ride of good length this saturday as well, keep you posted.


splendid said...
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