Friday, January 9, 2009

What is this Place?

 Many of you Omahan's know me, and realize my passion for bicycles and pedaling. Sometimes my passion and boldness get the better of me, o well-

Anyways, I want this blog to be a place where anyone who straddles a a top tube in Omaha and turns the cranks can post and have a voice. 

So have an idea for a weekly ride, or have a favorite route you would like to share. It can be anything as long as you do it by bike. I'm not going to say all the different avenues and niches a bike can be, cuz I know I'll leave one out and comments will ensue.

Also along the local links, are some of my favorite places to eat spend money, yada yada yada....
I'm sure that some of you enjoy different places than I, feel free to add them and they can be anywhere, not just Omaha( But I'd prefer it if they were in the Big O, or Lincoln or NEBRASKA).

Or let the world know about the close call you had with a call or a squirrel that almost attacked you, I know great tales and adventures are out there. And thanks for everyone who has posted/commented. Lets not suffer in silence any longer.

So MOD, we gonna get a Sunday ride going or what?

And lastly, PEDAL OMAHA!


EB said...

close call with a car, BOB was right I suck at spelling and grammar and well the list could go for quite a while-

RD said...

good times last night my friend... fo sure

Biker Bob said...

I wish I could have ridden with yall last night. However, I was busy picking up a new steed from Doug. My new (to me) Bianchi Roger got me to work admirably this morning.

Sunday... I'm meeting up with Munson betwee 6:45 and 7:00am on Sunday if anyone is interested. I'm not in top form, so it will be slow. Feel free to join us there if you want a relaxed social ride.

Biker Bob said...

oops... I mean 7:45-8:00 Sunday.

EB said...

A Roger, thats one sweet ride!

Awesome Bob!

-gotta love disc brakes-

Did you do any upgrades?

I wanted one. I think I want too many things

I'll try and make that ride Bob And bring TheLucas along.

Slow is Good!

Biker Bob said...

I bought the Roger from Doug L. He is officially retired from bike riding due to injuries.

Upgrades via Doug are as follows.
-Ultegra SL Low Profile crankset
-Thompson Masterpiece seatpost
-15 tooth aluminum cog
-crank brother pedals

I also put on new bar tape ;-)

EB said...

Yeah, I thought about him because I recall him buying that. Wow! Thats really too bad about him retiring, but he has given plenty to all of us. An amazing guy! With a good heart!

What is his email or mailing address in case anyone would like to send him some bike porn!