Wednesday, February 18, 2009

2009 Downtown Omaha Master Plan - People Do Care About Cycling

In the photograph, the number of red dots signify votes by people on what some of downtown Omaha's weaknesses are. You can see that a large number of people present at the 2009 Downtown Omaha Master Planning public meeting care about bike issues.

With any luck, all of the focus put on cycling issues at this meeting will garner some action as the city moves forward in implementing its master plan for downtown Omaha.

For more information and some photos, visit the article at Bike Omaha.


The Unicycle Guy said...

heck of a time there last night...hopefully some of the biking ideas will come to fruition!

Scott Redd said...

I had the wonderful opportunity to meet many of the readers and contributes to Omaha's online biking scene.

I met, in no particular order EB, Biker Bob, Rafal, The Douglas, The Lucas. I was introduced to several other people whose names I can't recall.

Rather than us all sit at the same time (like the skateboarders), we split up and brought our ideas to several tables.

I think all at my table were proponents of cycling issues, and a few were cyclists, themselves.

It was cool to hear the applause when topics like bike lanes were presented.

Let's keep our eyes open for announcements on the next public meetings and be sure to attend.

RD said...

looks like Omaha is getting street car system...
good job everyone see you next saturday

The Douglas said...

Nice photo Scott.

The news reports on this were fairly basic, but at least the OWH gave a shout out to us Hipsters.
"More than 200 people - young professionals, hipsters and retirees - filled a conference room at Embassy Suites to weigh in on the future of downtown and north downtown.

Good showing last night people! Looking forward to the next round.

The Lucas said...

Pedal Mafia!

It's Gonna Happen!

Cant wait til March

Steve said...

I got stuck at the office until a little after 9, so I missed the whole thing - bummer. I'm glad it went well though. Hopefully city actions follow.

EB said...

Check it-