Thursday, February 26, 2009

Omaha Bicyclist Injured In Collision With Car

From WOWT news:

A man riding a bicycle was injured Wednesday night when he was hit by a car at Northwest Radial Highway and Hamilton.

Witnesses told Channel 6 News and police the car had the right-of-way. The impact sent the man and his bike flying into another car before landing about 20 feet away. The first car's windshield was smashed. The driver said she did not see him crossing the road. The crash happened at 7:10pm.

Witnesses said the bicyclist, 34-year old Martin Sojka, who was not wearing a helmet, was conscious and alert when transported to the hospital with a laceration to the head. His injuries aren't considered life-threatening.

The drivers of the two cars were not cited.
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From KMTV news:

Omaha, NE - Medics rush a seriously hurt bike rider to the hospital. Omaha Police investigators tell Action 3 News that 34-year old Martin Sojka was riding his bike near Northwest Radial and Hamilton Street when he crossed an intersection against a red light.

A car slammed into Sojka's bike, sending him flying into the air. He then fell onto another car in the next lane. Medics and cops rushed to the intersection to save Sojka. They were even forced to shut down part of Northwest Radial.

Although the bike rider went to a hospital in serious condition, police believe he will survive his injuries. They say he was not wearing a helmet and admitted to drinking alcohol before the crash.

Police say they are not ticketing the drivers of the two cars.

Reported by Molli Graham,
There's a video report here: KMTV report


Scott Redd said...

I feel sorry for this guy and his pain. Personally, I think helmets are a good idea, though I've been known to take short trips without one.

A friend of mine is fond of saying, "It's a lot harder to learn the alphabet the second time."

Certainly, helmets aren't magical, and lots of other factors go into cycling safety. Alcohol and crossing against red lights with oncoming traffic are factors for sure. I wouldn't be surprised to learn that he had no lights, as well.

They say any press is good press. Is this good press for cycling in Omaha? Does this increase driver's awareness that cyclists of all types are out on the roads, at any time?

RD said...

I crossed that intersection many times on way to Benson from downtown. The sidewalk i pretty narrow and cars heading north have limited view on east side of the crossing. Running red lights is just not a good idea....ever and wearing a helmet should be mandated if you riding a bike...
I don't think this increase awareness from public pity for the person maybe awareness no.

The Douglas said...

Is this good press for cycling? Drunk, helmet-less and running a red light....I think not. I'm not sure the public can separate this type of fellow from a "regular" cyclist.

erik said...

i was coming home with my partner and saw this happen, i cross that intersection usually at least once every day.

i went through EMT training once upon a time, but couldn't handle the violence of car accidents.

my impression is that this guy probably didn't have the money for a helmet, given the bicycle he was riding and his dress.

which also might lend some understanding to the alcohol.

tough times are creeping into this city.

i'm glad he's ok.

erik said...

some of you are also going to be interested in this bit of news.

most all their cromoto stems made in the past year are affected, further back for complete bicycles.

EB said...

F***, those stems are on nearly all of my bikes.

Are you freaking kidding me SALSA!

The Lucas said...

Stop having kittens EB, they will replace them. Surprised you have not broken any of yours with the way you ride.

This guy seems like he'd have been even worse off if he was in a car. Tough luck, but he'll survive for another day.

The Douglas said...

Have you checked for cracks sense your face plant a few weeks ago? Or maybe Lucas's rear tire eased the blow.

The Lucas said...

The Douglas: Do you have to modify your helmets due to your bone spikes on your skull?

Does your auto have a moon roof so as to not rub the ceiling or hit the overhead light?

The only crack EB has is the shit he's smoking.

Erik: Thanks for the component suck-age heads up.

The Douglas said...

My skull IS my helmet. It's extra thick from generations of inbreeding. As for modifications to my car...I drive a convertible for this exact reason.

The Douglas said...

And wouldn't ya' know it...this morning I had a collision myself. Although quite minor it could have been worse had I not been paying attention. An "adult female" driving a "non-sedan" with a cell-phone stuck to her right ear turned into me causing me to hit the side of her car. I was able to scrub off most of my speed before impact. No damage to my bike...maybe something minor to her car. I was too pissed to stop and chat about it. She didn't appear to want to end her phone conversation, she just waived and fumbled with the window controls as if she was going to roll down the window to apologize. (I assume).

Be careful out there people.