Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Things to come in near future

The warmer weather is right around the corner soon it will not take 20 minutes to find all your winter gear, get ready and bike... Yes spring will be glorious I just know it. Here are some of the events next two weeks to keep an eye on/participate if you are interested.
  • 2009er this Saturday 6 pm this should be a lot of fun bring your sweet stache
  • THOR meeting Sunday (if you would like to help up building and upkeep of singletrack in Omaha metro area this is the place, we always need volunteers)
  • CIRREM in DES Moines on March 8 2009 (60 mile gravel grinder)
  • MTB Enduro In Panama, NE March 15 2009 (togas not required just watch your back) Cornbread says bring a cross bike (thanks man)
  • Don't Forget about the Pirate Cycling League, & this little Gem.
I know, what you thinking, curious reader " Rafal, Des Moines and Panama are lands far far away... how are we going to get there?"
Don't you worry curious soul I have an answer for you.
I would like to go to both events (how does this relate to you... keep reading) most likely I will be driving to both of them, If anyone is interested in going to either/both of these events please let me know. Seating is limited to 2-3 additional people. This depends on how creative I can get with bike racks... How do you jump aboard this train (ehherere car) you probably can talk to me about these matters Saturday..
I hope to see most/all of you Saturday.
I would also encourage you to attend THOR meeting. Trails don't build themselves..
Regardless it's FAT TUESDAY go and enjoy yourself


T-bone said...

RD, I may be in for the Des Moines and Panama rides. I won't be at the Thor meeting because I'll be playing polo. See you Saturday at the 2009er.

The Douglas said...

Des Moines is looking good. Panama, not so. If your car fills up I'll arrange to follow you then I can accommodate more bodies and at least an additional bike. I assume you plan to drive up the morning of, correct?

The Douglas said...

RD: We can rap Saturday. I'll be there stache and all.

RD said...

yup leave early in the morning
it would be long day... we can talk about it Saturday. I think we can get good Omaha crew for both of these...

Steve said...

I've been working on a pitiful mustache the last three weeks for the Saturday thing, but I'm not completely certain I'll end up riding. We'll see what Saturday brings.

T-bone said...

Ah Crap, I just noticed both events (Des Moines and Panama) are on Sunday so I'm out. Playing polo comes first for me. Have fun.