Friday, February 27, 2009

The Future of Good Times

MOOBBER (Moo•Ber): Mother of Omaha Brewery Bicycle Enthusiasts Ride. T-Shirts to come!

This ride was an idea sprouted from my head and Eric's during a local feast at the 115 I believe. It's simple really: Start down town and hit up every local brewery in the Omaha Metro.

I was just told about another place in Rockbrook that brews their own beer (Wouldn't be hard to alter the route). I can't remember the name. I also thought a stop at Blue Line Dundee would be in order before returning down town to bask and drink more brew.

I wanted to post this ride early without a set time because it's still up for change. We are talking about quite a journey here. I Bikely'd it at 60 miles right now. F#cking Stellar! Anything we add to this will make it ever more impressive. Urban riding, concrete trails, open roads, beer. It has it all. Only the strong and lush need apply. This could be the big one. Anyone know of any brewery houses in CB?

I am proposing a 1 to 2 beer limit per stop and the need to probably start around noon is to the utmost important. Start saving your pennies, there will be the need to buy some beer and food during this ride that won't be PBR priced. We could wear suits too. 


Steve said...

Wow, and The Jaipur brews (bad) beer at Rockbrook.

Douglas said...

I'm down for this as long as I'm not working the day of the big event. And yes, The Jaipur has excellent food but bleh beer. The ESB isn't tooooo bad.

johnny said...

We did this in Wichita KS after the racing season was over. But spring would be good as well. Great fun. Great fun. These are the kind of events that all can enjoy.

The Lucas said...

Ok. Jaipur = bad beer... now I am almost tempted to add it!

Johnny, when you say 'the kind of events that all can enjoy' are you referring to everyone that has a drinking problem?

Paul said...

Hey gang - saw the thread and if someone can contact me from an organizer perspective, I'd be glad to work with you to make this a little more special than just being a stop on your ride. (Looks like a killer route you've got planned) We provide discounts for The Bellevue Bicycle Club and if you guys get us into some creative routes - we can see what we can do to make your rides a little more fun.

And I think you'll find we've got some awesome Craft Beers.

Paul Kavulak
Owner/Brewer Nebraska Brewing Company

Douglas said...

"Work with us to make this a little more special" ?

For gods sake someone please contact this man!~ PLEASE! Quick!