Friday, February 6, 2009

Saturday Morning Option

If anyone is interested in riding Saturday Morning you just might be in luck. T-bone has paved/gravel/single track option for anyone interested. Here is the tentative plan. Meet up at ped bridge @ 8:30 am ride to Manawa via combination paved/gravel roads Take a spin around manawa single track and head home. Milage should be about 25-30 miles weapons of choice cx/mtb bike. There will be some singletrack action so 28mm slicks might be a bit of a challenge. Get a hold of me if you need any other info.
Toodles... No matter what get out and enjoy the weather... PEDAL


erik said...

so you're saying i'd have to change tires?

RD said...

If you like you will be your own judge just a suggestion

erik said...

i'm just joking around, it'd be too much. i'll probably sit this out, my cross tires give me more flats than I'm comfortable enduring on a group ride. I'm waiting on a pair of marathon cross tires for the quickbeam and don't want to pull the studs off the mtb.


EB said...

Good work Boyz

Hope the ride went well!!!

RD said...

the ride was nice ... more to come i'm sure