Thursday, February 5, 2009

Weekend's Rideville

Posting photos from last weekend while sitting at Andy's pad down in OKC. I will probably take a ride on his TK2 here in a little bit. Freaking sweet. Weather is balmy and only getting nicer. I just watched 2001 Space Odyssey. I can't say I learned anything from it, but it was worthy. I kinda wish I was high during it. I don't even do drugs, it was just that strange. Perhaps I missed something? My days are numbered when it comes to pain. Separated by hours to what may be a very, very bad idea. Rock Raccoon 50 mile Ultra. As Andy and I chatted, we feel like meager since there is a good deal of people doing a 100 miler as well. Whatever.


This was last night.

These are the photos.

This is me saying TTFN.


EB said...

Holy Shit, Just had it on as well.
Freaking Great Flick, the sets, the imagination.

... Oh Boy!......

The Douglas said...

Good luck this weekend Lucas!

erik said...

yes, good luck!

bryan said...

yeah, don't die or anything.

brady said...

thanks for the pictures, lucas. Nicely done, kid!