Sunday, February 22, 2009

Oatmeal Times

"It sure looks nice out today." I said in my pillow laden head. 

That didn't stop me from rolling back over in an attempt to sleep past 0830. I managed 0900 with my cat padding at my ears and stepping on that soft spot below my Adam's apple. Who teaches cats that shit? How do they know how to f#ck with you so easily?

Anyway. It's not warm out. It's a false sense with that clear sky and shining Sun. Nice weather is coming tho. I can tell. The Mutual of Omaha building no longer blocks the sun from coming in thru my kitchen door for a short period in the morning before it reemerges on the other side. It's passing over the top of it, getting higher in the sky as the earth comes back into that warmer axis. Sweet. 

A beer mug filled with black coffee and oatmeal for breakfast here. I wanna hear other people's oatmeal love affairs. Here's my consistency today:

Oatmeal (Bam!)
Peanut butter
Mixed dried fruit. (If you add it when the water is still boiling towards the end, the fruit plumps back up!)
Pecans -- Oh boy. Oh boy. Oh boy. 
Brown sugar

All together now. Stir that shit. Consume.

Random Pimping: So my brother is a Chef and he has recently started a blog telling of his endeavors and he even shares recipes on it. My fat belly can concur that it's all really good-- the coleslaw could get you chicks if you weren't wearing that helmet. Get a chance, get a coffee, get over to Panda Ass Culinary Project. He's just getting into it, but he's entertaining and may even be down to give you free food if you follow his blog. (I am making this up on the spot, but it's in the cards.) Let's get him to get off his butt and write more. He rode to work before they'd make him go get 175 pounds of potatoes during his work day. Damn the man!


EB said...

You Don't Know!

brady said...

Today I had steel-cut oats with 1/4 c golden raisins, 1/4 c craisins, chopped walnuts, 2 Tbs flax seed & brown sugar. Man, it was a little bit of heaven right here on 52nd St.

Scott Redd said...

I'm usually an oatmeal purist, preferring nothing but raisins mixed in.

However, Friday my wife and I took a day off work together. We went to the Blue Planet Natural Grill to try out their breakfast menu. We both ordered the steel-cut oats, with steamed soy milk. She also got a smoothie and coffee and I got the really-bad-for-me-but-I'm-going-to-drink-it-any soda pop.

When Jason, the assistant general manager, asked what topping I wanted, I had to think. Hmm..the fresh blueberries sounded good. He must have noticed that my little brain was working hard to decide which of the toppings I wanted, because he said, "We can put them all in there if you want... no charge." I decided that with the blueberries and soy milk, I was already way outside of my oatmeal comfort zone. I opted for some granola. Man, that was some good stuff. I told Jason it was the best oatmeal in town.

Our experience with the Blue Planet Natural Grill was so good, we came back for lunch for their yummy veggie burger and awesome oven fries (both the regular and the sweet potato), but this time we rode our bikes.

There are a lot of unique restaurants around town, and this one is one of the best. With their investment in midtown at the Aksarben Village development (not too far from the Keystone Trail) and offering of healthily prepared vegetarian/vegan items, I know I'll be patronizing them often in the future.

The Douglas said...

Mmmm....oatmeal. Let's see....whole oats, honey and granola is what turns me on. Pretty simple and basic, but sticks to the ribs.

I second Scott's recommendation of Blue Planet. Very unique joint and pretty good food.

munsoned said...

Scott, I live 4 blocks from Blue Planet. Just about every weekend I walk down in the AM to get one of their delicious breakfast wraps and great coffees.

We've had their lunches before. The only thing that a traditional hamburger person may not like is their buns. The bread is kinda dry and crumbly. But other than that, everything was great. Their baked fries are AMAZING also.

EB said...

I drown my oats w/ PB, occasionally i'll mix in chocolate chunks, snickers bars and marshmallows.(Kind of got a sweet tooth)

And on the other side of the spectrum: walnuts are close to my heart ,cane sugar, dates and flax seeds.
As well as blueberries, sliced peaches and just plain.