Sunday, February 22, 2009


Pedal Downtown                         


Scott Redd said...

It was rather brisk out today, especially when you went places the sun was not. That north wind left no doubt in my mind that we're still in winter.

Surprisingly, my 17 year old son agreed to ride with me to Whole Foods for some shopping. The round trip was just shy of 20 miles. I was so pumped up from riding that later I talked my wife into a short ride to Wohlner's Market in Aksarben Village to see what it was all about.

Chilly...but an awesome day to be out on the bike with the family.

Skinny D said...

Today was a little chilly. This was a ride on friday morning that we went on. It was much colder then.

Anonymous said...

frozen huevos!

The Lucas said...

I've ridden a bike before. It was alright. No big whoop. I might try it again some day if someone paid me to.

Get on the sidewalk.