Friday, February 27, 2009

Where They Stand: The Transportation Question

With our city's mayoral election coming up (April 7th & May 12th), do we know where the candidates stand on the transportation issue? With our city possibly receiving transportation "stimulus" money, the growth of Activate Omaha and recent Downtown Master Plan I believe it's in our best interest to ask the candidates where they stand on this issue. Perhaps we ask each of the top dogs, or at least voice our concerns. This can be done within the links below.

Hal Daub
Jim Suttle
Jim Vokal


EB said...

Do we have a deadline for this assignment?

Ha, No this is an Excellent post, we need to research and be in the know of things like this.

It's extremely important!

RD said...

i can tell you what i did noticed all 3 sites are very obama looking

Steve said...

Questions about transportation sent to all three. Awaiting responses.

The Douglas said...

No deadline, just get-r-done.
I've sent questions/comments even though I can't vote. I'm outside the city limits.

EB said...

I just got word that it would be a killer story for the Ol' Gateway.

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