Friday, February 6, 2009

Sensational Saturday Night Special

Yeah you know the drill. 
Time to assemble the Seven Samurai for Saturday night, 
Meet at the House on Paper St.
You can bank on street pedaling & parking garage crits
with a dash of the unknown, so just come.

 Write the Public Pulse today and give them a tale of a close encounter with an automobile, or what city riding means to you, what more can be done for people to use bikes as transportation, get mad, get sad and write openly and freely. Exposure Baby!

Lastly enjoy the salted debris filled streets this weekend, and be sure to get out and PEDAL!


erik said...

let me just say that steve has no excuse.

munsoned said...

Are you guys also riding during the day, like last weekend? Or is downtown mayhem the main method of mischief you guys will be employing?

Steve said...

I'll always have an excuse.

Steve said...

As far as that homework goes, here is an article that could at least partially serve as a model for a letter. It was given to me by the honorable David Pursel. Also, it's worth looking at even if you're not going to be doing your homework.

RD said...

I'll be posting something up for morning people who have some insomnia issues

munsoned said...

SWEET!! Now I need to put my mtb back together. Eek.

The Unicycle Guy said...

write something like this to the public pulse?

The Douglas said...

I just emailed a friend of mine who is a staff writer for the OWH. My request was to have an article and maybe an interview with a few of us about cycling the means streets of the Big 'O' year round. I'll report back if we get a nibble. Meanwhile I think a campaign to the PubPulse is a good idea.

EB said...

Good Stuff!

Scott Redd said...

I did my homework, Professor E.B.

Here's the text of a letter I just sent to the Public Pulse. I don't get the paper, so someone let me know if it prints.

Kudos to City of Omaha for Winter Bike Trail Maintenance and Bus Bike Racks

With warm spring like weather on us this weekend, we saw many people out with their bicycles on the streets and trails like the Keystone, Field Club, and Turner Boulevard trails. However, as one of Omaha's year-round daily bike commuters, I wanted to say "thank you" to Omaha's Parks Department for their excellent maintenance of the in-town trails.

Shortly after the winter storms dumped snow and ice on the bike paths, I found the trails to be brushed and plowed, and usually in much better shape that the streets. Bicycles get around remarkably well on the snow packed streets, and even on solid ice with special winter tires, but it was nice to see the City’s commitment to supporting bicycle use as part of Omaha’s overall traffic plan by keeping the trails clear.

The recent addition of bike carrying racks to the Metro Area Transit buses also provided a nice backup plan for cyclists who want to bus part of the way to their destination on the especially cold or icy days.

Thank you, Parks Department and MAT!

Scott Redd

The Douglas said...

Nicely done!
I wish I could be as complementary as you, but the suburban trails and sidewalks are poorly neglected. I haven't written the PP yet. I'm waiting to hear back from a staff writer about a full article.

Scott Redd said...

Thanks, TD.

I think it's all a matter of jurisdiction. The in-town trails like the Turner Boulevard Trail and the Field Club Trail are owned and maintained by the Omaha Parks Department, where the Keystone is owned and nanaged by the Papio NRD. (Note: I could be completely wrong on these statements)

Keep us informed about the potential commuting article.