Saturday, February 14, 2009

Friday the 13th Glee

Any of you that managed to get out yesterday know how much fun it was (is) to be about. I commend your forward progress into idiots-ville! Road conditions were actually pretty good, people would stop in their tracks and stare as you pedal by and I believe I even saw one person taking photos of EB and I while at a stop light. Awesome.

The bicycle is really a beautiful thing. I wish I could have seen myself and anyone else in this snow, it was memorable just looking at my feet.

Such an adventure it turned into! Every block a new puzzle, every corner another possibility. The serenity, the beauty, the struggle, the true feeling of earning a cup of coffee or a pastry. Life can seem so simple.

With only a front brake that only worked on a slightly more than psychological level, I learned how to turn (and go in a straight line) like a motocross rider. Also, skiing your foot really gives you a lot of control, and turning your foot out then pushing it into a drift works like magic to decrease speed. 

I got hit and knocked down by a light tracked snow removal vehicle while riding thru campus. Campus was closed, so the bloke was probably used to not seeing anyone, and when I met up with him I braked and waited then he turned and I really thought I saw him see me. Then he backed right into me and pushed me into some large construction barriers. 

He didn't stop until EB started banging on his cute little snow tank. He was completely oblivious and we'll just leave it by saying that I was really wary of snow plows the rest of the day. 


EB said...

Pedaling these last two days brought out the little kid inside me, not knowing (or caring) of curbs hidden beneath the snow. And not fully comprehending the meaning of roads closed signs when there is always a way through by bicycle.

Gotta Love the Seasons! Gotta Love Life! Gotta Pedal!

Scott Redd said...

It was great out. I really enjoyed my creeping 4 or 5 MPH ride across town yesterday, crawling past people stuck on hills and having to wait while 4x4s renegotiated failed attempts at turning in intersections.

I got a funny look from a guy who could barely see out of the ice encrusted windows of his car, while I had a full 360 degree panorama view of winter's wonder.

I also figured out that I could use the snow to stop, but I was creeped out on some downhills knowing I had only 10% brakes on my two freewheels. I could see where a fixed gear would help with stopping in this weather, but there's no way I would have been able to climb any hill without my lowest gears yesterday.

It's nice to hear about everyone's snowy urban cycling adventures.

BTW: I stole one of Lucas's pictures to use a backdrop on my iPhone's screen. :)

Douglas said...

Ahh...the joy it was. The few of us who ventured out yesterday truly know how special days like these are. Not just for the sake of being on the bike, but for the perspective we get by NOT being inside a car.

I received no less than FIVE offers for a ride home. Explaining that I get around "just fine" wasn't enough. People can't understand why we impose such suffering on ourselves. Ha! Suckers! They'll never understand.

And speaking of hidden curbs. One got me yesterday and I went down in traffic. I was up and moving too quick to see if I brought attention to myself. I'm sure those who were near me though..."Idiot!". Oh well...who's the real idiot.

brady said...

Great post Lucas. Kinda felt like I was there seeing EB bang on that window.

Scott Redd said...

To The Douglas: Suffering? I call it living! :)

To Brady: How was the run home? Did the snow present any special challenges to you on your bipedal commute?

I just got back from the neighborhood grocery store with a pannier full of Valentine's Day supplies. I pedaled there and back in the same time it would have taken me to dig out our car.

erik said...

my valentine's day plans consist of a pleasant snow ride and coffee myself.

the commute was great too.

The Lucas said...

Who's the real idiot? I am pretty sure you are, the Douglas! Stop making us look bad by falling down. If you fall down, you stay down.

After riding in the snow today, I feel like I could ride thru anything. The movement of narrow wheels thru snow is so unique.

It's a give and take relationship, but you are better off letting the snow wear the pants and let it tell you where to point your wheel, or vacuum the living room, or make some sweet valentines day love.


Sorry. I am lonely. ;)