Monday, February 16, 2009

Get Ready To Chuckle

Lucas notified me of this.
Read it all if you have the luxury of time, or else skip to the last line!


The Douglas said...

"I see a few riders down my street everyday and I want to stop them but that's probably dangerous.

I think he might be referring to EB and Lucas. we want this guy on a bike?

EB said...

You should be saying this girl.
I think she would make one quality cyclist, shes got some spunk.

Scott Redd said...

That's awesome!

Here's my email response:


In answer to your question about bike commuting, my answer is not just "Yes, it's doable," but "Hell yes, it's doable!"

I started bike commuting back in July and haven't regretted it a single day. I bike five miles each way to and from work each day, regardless of the weather; snow, ice, and rain. If it's truly awful, or if I need to run some extra errands, I can rack my bike on a bus. I've put almost 2000 miles on my bike since mid July.

Basics in my opinion are:

* a quality bike
* a rack to put things
* panniers to put on the rack
* fenders to keep the water off
* lights to be seen by and to see by
* some bike clothes, like warm, waterproof tights and a high-visibility waterproof jacket

If you really don't need to carry much, you could get a stylish messenger bag made for cyclists instead of using the panniers.

To get started, I'd suggest that you visit the Activate Omaha cycling page here:

Be sure to get their Bike Commuting 101 document here:

To get plugged in to the Omaha cycling community, check out some of these local blogs:

And a shameless plug for my own blog devoted to exploring bike commuting as a lifestyle choice:

Here's a great resource for commuters, as well:

Best of luck! The Omaha commuting community looks forward to seeing you on the streets. The more of us out there, the safer it is for all.



2sean9er said...


EB said...

Scott: You're the new Poster Boy!

The Lucas said...

I will echo Sean's "Wow" in every shape of form. Even yellow, tapioca, and french braided.

Biker Bob said...

Yup... Scott get's my WoW vote and also the new "Poster Boy" vote. ;-)

Neil Armstrong... Tehe

erik said...

I think it's great that she wants to ride, and even better that she doesn't give know much about lance.

Practical cycling over racing, any day of the week, is what we need more of in this city.

Scott Redd said...

Who's Lance?


erik said...

a corporate megasymbol

The Unicycle Guy said...

oh those crazy cats on craigslist...