Saturday, February 28, 2009

29er Warm Up at the Blue Line

-- Post From My iPhone


Scott Redd said...

Sorry for the cruddy picture quality. My lens was fogged up, and with no flash, the low light doesn't lend itself well to low end digital photography. I just wanted to be the first to blog it. :)

Lucas was there taking lots of pics. I'm sure he'll get some really cool ones up.

How the heck can he ride with no hands on the bars, through four inches of front wheel thrashing snow, snapping picture after picture beside and behind him?

Congrats to EB on the hill climb contest. If you haven't given him your dollar yet, make sure you do. He deserves it.

In all, a great time. It's too bad the abysmal road conditions cut the ride short a bit, but I think everyone there had a blast. Thanks for putting it all together, Mark.

EB said...

The photos still capture the essence of the night. FUN!

Thanks for coming Scott.

MG said...

yeah, that was fun. EB, where'd you disappear to after the Crescent Moon? Man, that was the beginning of a long, strange journey for me... Let me tell ya'. Just wait 'til I tell ya'. I saw parts of Omaha I've never seen before!

Thanks for the photos, Scott.