Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Bitten By A Dog!

Those of you who may happen across the Redd-Shift blog may know that I write glowingly about the urban cycling trails such as the Turner Boulevard Trail and the Field Club Trail.

I believe these trails are important to enticing would-be commuter and utility cyclists to experiment with going to real destinations by bicycle. I think they are also important in enhancing Omaha's urban neighborhoods by continuing the original boulevard system via trails that get people out into their neighborhoods.

As an aside, I will say that it's ironic that the original boulevard system was designed to allow motorists a way to enjoy a scenic drive through the city, and now we are looking at incorporating bicycles into the original routes.

However, today I am going to gripe a little bit. While I could drone on about some negative experiences I had on the trail today concerning inconsiderate teenagers, careless dog walkers, and other unfriendly persons brought outdoors to enjoy the springlike weather, I don't want to drag it down that far. Instead, I will just focus on the dog bite.

This is a first for me. I'd heard about it, but like so many things, figured it would never happen to me. However, as I rode down the Turner Boulevard Trail, I came across some young ones playing in a wagon. I think one kid was pulling another while a dog chased them. Rather than get out of the way, they toppled the wagon and fell out of it in front of me. I dodged the wagon, the dog started barking and chasing me. Then it bit at my feet and tore my wool sock with an audible ripping sound.

Dang, these were my favorite socks, and my only wool socks. I didn't have the time or room to unclip and shoo (kick) at it, and was just focused at getting away from the dog. I could hear the kid's parents yelling, and wasn't sure if they were yelling at the dog, the kids, or at me (it's probably my fault, right?), so I just wanted to keep moving.

After I got home, I noticed that skin was broken, and my ankle was bleeding a bit. I washed it off with soap and water and hydrogen peroxide. Hopefully I won't start foaming at the mouth or turn into some kind of zombie dog or anything nasty like that.

Please write in the comments about your own dog stories. I'd be curious to hear what kind of stories you can come up with, with an emphasis on evasion or prevention techniques.


erik said...

frame pump.

munsoned said...

Luckily, I've never had bad dog experiences. One of the more notable good experiences was when a training buddy and I were down in some random farm area of Kansas. The roads around this area were all grids, so long straight aways were to had everywhere. We ride past one farm house that was closer to the road and heard the ever familiar barks followed by the pattering of paws. A very large dog was in hot pursuit for us, so we kicked it into high gear. This was when we were in pretty good racing shape, but it was an easy ride so we jumped up to 22 mph to hopefully pull away from the galloping pup. No can do. The dog was still about 2 car's lengths behind us and gaining slowly but surely. So we bump it up to 24 mph for another block or 2. The dog was still with us. I think he mainly just wanted something to chase. After a good half mile of lower to mid 20 mph tempo, the dog eased off and watched us pull away.

It was kinda fun since the dog didn't seem to have the "attack" demeanor, just maybe a friendly "I'm comin to git ya" vibe. I mean, I thought I saw the dog smiling as it was chasing us, so who knows what was going on in that canine's head.

Scott Redd said...

It must be something in the air: OWH: Boy, 12, bitten by dog; injuries non life-threatening

I wonder if the one that nipped me was licensed. It certainly wasn't restrained.

Scott Redd said...

Munson: You should get a dog like that to help with training. It would give you some incentive to keep pushing harder. Only it would have to actually bite you from time to time to keep you honest. :)

RD said...

update us on your zombie conditions... that sucks Scott..

Biker Bob/Runner Bob said...

Amrecian Flyer "training session"

Scott Redd said...

For RD: Brains...brains...brains!

Bob: That's funny. That's similar to what happened to me, except I wasn't moving that fast, and the chase was short.

Check this out: Jogger Reports Rattlesnake In Bellevue. Add that to the list of things you don't want to bite you while on the trails. And in February, to boot!

brady said...

Voice - on a trail run (foot) my younger brother effetively scared off a rat dog with a wookie yell resembling the detention transfer scene in SW: New Hope.

You may consider strapping some mace to your commuter. Would you use it? In yesterday's case where it happened so fast, maybe not. Then again, heaven forbid its soup-bone crushing jaws gets a good grip on you. Yes, it may be a nice-to-have at that point.

EB said...

I was once bitten pedaling home from UNO on 96th and Western. I made the guy pay for my doctor visit and antibiotics.

Scott Redd said...

Wow, how bout this story: Omaha Zoo Vet Bitten By Tiger

Between my torn sock and ankle, the kid bit in a North Omaha park, the rattlesnake (in February!) report, and this tiger story, and the woman attacked by a pit bull in her own house, it's an odd couple of days for things that bite.

Andy Chasteen said...

I was chased by a pit bull on a country ride in Arkansas last spring. I was cresting a hill and it came up on me, protecting it's owners land nestled just off the backwoods highway. I assumed that unclipping and trying to kick at it would work. It did. I luckily landed a direct hit to it's jaw with my carbon soled shoe and knocked it clean out. For a good 10 seconds it laid lifeless in the middle of the highway. Then got up shaking it's head like it was dazed and confused.
Fido, don't f*** with me.