Sunday, February 15, 2009

Iowa Paved Trails

Yeah, they (trails) got a name, but I don't know 'em. Crossed over into Iowa tonight (0145) to burn off some 'love steam' but the parks system did a piss poor job of clearing the concrete. Actually, 'clearing them' does not even fit into a rightful way to describe them. They are nearly impassible by bike - with any sort of efficiency. So much for my late night Manawa ice rendezvous. No way I am riding streets with all them crazy four wheelers with wrecked hearts. 

Random Advice: Use rechargeable batteries in all your riding lights.

Moral: Don't try to ride the trails on the other side of the bridge.

Answer to statement: "Try a car."

Statement: "Lucas has slim chances of taking home a Valentine on his bicycle."

It's a deep burn! Cut's down and shivers me timbers. 


EB said...


Anonymous said...

just throw your Valentine on the the handlebars and take it to the house!

erik said...

yes those trails are pretty awful. this much snow is pugsley weather (i hear surly made some big dummy's that could fit endomorph tires for some transamerican divide tourists, so maybe that's what you need these days to get a date on a bicycle).

The Lucas said...


You are awesome.

If I would have put my Valentine on top of my new beloved Salsa Bell Lap bars, it'd of been a sweet feeling ride. I like the way the bars feel on my hands, so I imagine it'd feel good on a butt too!

Unfortunately, I'd have to find somewhere else to mount my lights. Perhaps on the lucky lady's ears. or stalking covered knees. Oh boy!

Take it to the house!

Erik: If they wouldn't have tried and cleared them, they'd be rideable. They made them worse by doing what ever they did. Bastards.
I would only ride a Pugsley if I were to borrow it or it was given to me. I wouldn't drop cash on such a beast tho they do look like they could be fun. A Pugsley would be so lucky as to have me ride it.