Friday, February 6, 2009

No Rocks, Unseen Raccoons.

It's a good thing really. The trail for tomorrow's race is gonna be super buttery and no hills compared to Omaha. The one issue -- It's supposed to be in the high 70s, but it will be windy. Now normally that would blow (he he) but it's completely wooded, so it should just give a good breeze. It's gonna be warm tho!

 Oklahoma Andy and I cruised down to Dallas last night, and then down to Huntsville today. We had a chill morning in Dallas. We checked out some sweet shopping at Luke's Closet -- Probably the best running store I've ever been in and a sweet little cycle shop. (Did anyone know that Schwinn still makes bikes?)

Now we are prepping and relaxing for tomorrow. Gonna hit the bed soon -- which I am sharing with Andy! I'm gonna have me some fun. Pretty psyched about the race tomorrow. I have no idea how it's really going to go!

My treasure chest for tomorrow... 

A special thanks to Brian for telling me not to die. The thought did cross my mind! 
Peace and chicken grease.