Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Opportunity for Change

Bob just sent this to me via e-mail and posted it here on Bike Omaha.

Lets Make it Happen!


Biker Bob said...

And get get you in the mood for you trip to Embassy Suites on the 18th, here is some light reading.

If your not familiar with amsterdamize, look around a bit. They guy takes great pictures.

The Douglas said...

I'm available the 18th.
Let's form up a posse and attend en masse. Maybe before hand we can have a meeting of the minds so we have a clear direction when/if we have an opportunity to speak.

Bob: Since this falls under the "Who smelt it dealt it"...I think you should be the go-to guy on this one. Whadaya say? Organize?

Biker Bob said...

I would like to coordinate, but I'm not sure I'll be available. I'm supposed to be at the Bike Master MTB Racing Team meeting that night.

Is anyone else available to coordinate a group heading down there?

Biker Bob said...

Ok... I think I am available for this. Who is in and where do we want to meet up next Wednesday to attend the meeting.

The Douglas said...

Thanks for taking the reins Bob. I'll do what ever the masses agree on. Just an idea...how about meeting at someone's house, or business midtown or downtown around 5ish? Arrive on bike of course. Partake in a quick brain storm session then pedal off to the Embassy. Of course, our main focus will be to push the 'cycling integration' agenda...so come with ideas. Also...if only one or two of us show on bike we won't make much of an impact. We don't get many chances to make an impression. If people think there's only a few of us we won't be taken very seriously, so lets rally the troops!

Meeting starts at 6pm.

RD said...

I could say meet at my work but they close at 4:30 pm. How about old faithfull blue line or upstream just an idea.