Friday, February 27, 2009

Saturday Stache Bash.

Dirty Wicked Moustache Tour 2009

It's gonna be one spicy meatball. 

And, an excellent ride to meet fellow pedalers in the Omaha/Lincoln area.

All I gotta say is Hickory, Dickory Dock.... I'll see you at the Top.


The Lucas said...

It's gonna be a good one, a cold one, and a good ride for cold ones. Hoot and Holler.

RD said...

i'm pumped
bring warmup bevs for sure... and probably some goggles for later portion of the event

munsoned said...

Is there a beer lake we swim through or something? Oh, goggles for the cold. I see.

EB, you runnin gears?

EB said...

Munson-Don't Know yet?

RD said...

beer goggle might come in handy at the moon after the ride ....
oh yeah