Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Think Before you Act

Gosh, wouldn't it be swell if we could do simply that. Here is an article I found about things happening in the world of bicycle transportation.I realize it is not timely news but it has a message to be heard. It's a reminder for us pedal pushers to be cool, calm & collected when a drink is tossed in the direction of your noggin or folks who scream sidewalk at ya from the comfort of their auto.

Tonight Adult Beverages at Darios.
Bueller? Bueller?
They're nice and half-priced for ya.
So yeah, come if you can.
Perhaps we could plan s'more pedal excursions and such.


The Douglas said...

Can't read the article. Authentication Required. Bleh!

Love to join ya' at Darrios. Unfortunately the wife has other plans for me....and they're not near as much fun.

EB said...

Ah damn the torpedos
Must to fix that lil bugger

2sean9er said...

I got it to work, just refreshed the page...

It's funny to stop and think after reading the article. We, as cyclists, on our human powered vehicles believe that we are the victims of our four wheeled, motorized couter-parts (which I do believe to be true, I feel like a gazel trying to avoid a hungry lion everytime I get out on the road) but when we dismount our steeds and they put the shifter into park we all come to the same level and the consequent interaction can be for the good or the bad of all.

erik said...

i appeal to the wisdom of david pursels, who once told me that the appropriate response to negativity from the petrol crowd is only to feel sorry for how lost so many people in our society truly are. then, move on.

driving a car aggressively in the presence of cyclist is just one of so many negative behaviors that persist unquestioned by our society.

when i've almost been hit, i don't do so well with heeding that advice.

munsoned said...

What I don't understand is how the motorists who don't like cyclists can't or won't see the connection between increased cycling and lower gas prices. All those people that put their car keys down and hopped on a bike, hitched a ride with a friend/train/bus, or just walked made a huge impact on supply and demand of oil. Even with Opec cutting production, gas prices are still greatly decreased compared to the last 5 years.

I wish someone would do major studies and publish everywhere that cycling and mass transit does help us as a society. I don't know if doing so would alleviate some of the road rage out there. But if it helps a few people decide to treat their fellow beings with respect (not anger/frustration) then that would be something at least.

The Douglas said...

Until roughly a year ago I was one of those finger waiving, window punching, trunk slapping pissed-off cyclists who would confront drivers when they nearly yanked me. I changed my approach after listening to a speaker mention that motorists take negative, aggressive interactions with cyclists out on other cyclists they come across. One trunk slapping may lead to them buzzing the next cyclist they come across. My aggressive behavior could have been leading to other cyclists getting phucked with. It was after this realization that I changed my approach. Now, if I'm able to catch the offender I kindly tell them that they nearly killed me and please try and be more cautious when approaching cyclists. For those who yell to get on the sidewalk, I kindly tell them I have as much legal right to the road as they do.....and have a nice day.

erik said...

munson--though many statistics and studies exist that prove cycling has various positive impacts, I think the root cause of poor behavior is a lack of concern or education at large. I wonder how anyone who cares not would be motivated to read such information and take it to heart when they live in such a way that actively mitigates any chance for meaningful development in knowledge.

But, I have gotten into some good discussions with folks who argue that I have no right to use the road as I pay no road tax (simply stating my personal taxes more than cover any damage my 28-37mm tires are laying down, in fact they pay for car infastructure)--or, reminding others that I am mandated by law to ride on the road as a vehicle.

? it's rough.